Patrick Curran awarded best Decision-Making student paper at international conference

At the Society for Risk Analysis annual meeting held in Washington DC, in December 2023, Patrick Curran of the University of Canterbury’s Civil Systems Group was awarded the best student paper award from the Decision Analysis and Risk specialty group.

Patrick’s research, titled “Tools for Decision-Making Under Deep Uncertainty in Community Adaptation: Which, When, and How,” addresses the pressing challenges posed by deep uncertainty, especially in the context of climate change and adaptation planning. The research critically evaluates existing decision-making approaches that often neglect the complexities of uncertain futures and investigates the emerging set of resilient and robust planning approaches designed to embrace uncertainty. Through the development of an Approach Selection Key (A.S.K), Patrick provides decision-makers with a valuable tool to navigate through various decision-making approaches, ensuring adaptability and robustness in the face of deep uncertainties.

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