Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
University of Canterbury

Patrick Curran

PhD Candidate

Climate Adaptation Planning for a Deeply Uncertain Future

Supervisors: Dr. Tom Logan, Dr. Charlotte Brown and Prof. Anita Wreford


Patrick’s research supports climate adaptation by providing planners with innovative tools that embrace uncertainty and create robust plans for communities. Patrick is fascinated by the concept of deep uncertainty and the power of using innovative decision-making approaches to find solutions to the complex problems of climate change.

During his undergraduate studies in civil engineering, Patrick completed a summer research project where he was introduced to the concept of Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU). Although it was an entirely new field for him at the time, he was struck by the immense potential these tools held, particularly in the context of addressing the urgent challenges of climate change.

Patrick has since started his PhD to pursue practical, actionable strategies that can support communities in creating a resilient future, despite deep uncertainty. His research works in close collaboration with local councils across Aotearoa. Together, they identify the limitations within current guidance and regulations, creating new ideas and novel approaches to tackle the complex challenges that climate change poses. This collaboration is vital to Patrick’s research purpose—to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that communities are equipped to navigate the uncertainties of an ever-changing world.


  1. 2022-


    University of Canterbury
  2. 2018-2021

    BE (Hons)

    University of Canterbury

Professional Experience

  1. 2022-
    Uncertainty Analyst
    Urban Intelligence

Awards & Prizes

  • 2023
    Student Merit Award
    Society for Risk Analysis